Validating groupbox updating a garmin gps

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Margin = New Padding(3, 3, 3, 1) Check Box Mouse Points. Location = New Point(26, 112) Check Box Mouse Points. Unfortunately, the Error Provider control doesn't provide such functionality. Show("Validation failed.") End If End Sub internal Text Box email_textbox; internal Text Box city_textbox; internal Text Box address_textbox; internal Text Box phone_textbox; internal Text Box last Name_textbox; internal Text Box first Name_textbox; private Error Provider first Name_err Pro; private Error Provider last Name_err Pro; private Error Provider phone_err Pro; private Error Provider address_err Pro; private Error Provider city_err Pro; private Error Provider email_err Pro; internal Dictionary(6); errors. Add( email_err Pro ,email_textbox ); , or passing a more limited control collection.You'd best go with the custom error provider classes from the link you posted. Add( first Name_err Pro ,first Name_textbox ); errors. Obviously you'd want to avoid iterating tons of controls, but that simple solution should be fine in lots of cases. New() End Sub Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Text = "Click here to use as a drag source" Link Label Drag.

[ANOTHER QUESTION] Umm When Validating it only Validates when the Control loses Focus... Checked = value End If ' Recurse if control contains other controls If current Control. Count 0 Then Check All Child Check Boxes(current Control, value) End If Next End Sub ' All-purpose method for displaying a line of text in one of the ' text boxes. New Line) End Sub ' Click event handler for the button that clears the text box. Controls box = Try Cast(current Control, Check Box) If box Is Not Nothing Then box. Clear() End Sub Private Sub Text Box Input_Key Down(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Key Event Args) Handles Text Box Input. I kinda of want it to do validation when user stops typing..I hope you get what I mean Like Email Address(textbox) when user is typing his/her name in I [DON'T] want it to do validation yet, but when user has finished entering is waiting for Error Provider to disappear(But it doesn't coz it only does that when control loses focus) 2 odd seconds after typing can i make the validation take place?

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Otherwise, you could create a method that you would call instead of Or you could make an extension method for the Error Provider class that would set the error and increment a counter or something along those lines. Add( last Name_err Pro ,last Name_textbox ); errors. Also even if you do have tons of controls, you'd probably group them together using , ...

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