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Random cam xx

Mc Donald was impressed by the intimate quality and use of silence on the demos, which both he and the band felt may have challenged other producers who wanted to incorporate their individual tastes: "They'd worked with about four other producers before then that had—and no discredit to them—I guess they'd seen a lot of space to add a kind of stamp on.

There was a lot of empty space in the xx's music, even then, in the 'Early Demos'.

Croft and Sim played guitar and bass, respectively, and dueted as the band's vocalists, while Smith programmed electronic beats for their songs, and Qureshi doubled as a keyboardist and additional guitarist.

During late nights, Croft and Sim either shared lyrics with each other through instant messaging or rehearsed quietly with Smith and Qureshi in their bedrooms so they would not disturb the rest of the household.

xx was released in August 2009 by the Young Turks record label, an imprint of XL, and received widespread acclaim from critics, many of whom named it one of the year's best records.

It sold steadily over its first few years of release, becoming a sleeper hit in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although the xx had been strongly influenced by R&B acts, the album also drew comparisons from critics to alternative rock, electronica, and post-punk sounds.

They submitted the demos to XL's head office at Ladbroke Grove and were subsequently signed to a recording contract.

The group worked with producers such as Diplo and Kwes, to no success before they were introduced to audio engineer Rodaidh Mc Donald by the xx's manager Caius Pawson, who gave him three CDs of demos titled "Early Demos", "Recorded in Rehearsal Space", and "What Producers Did Wrong".

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