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If you cant get that screw out, put in about 24 to 28 oz of transmission oil. If you want to know more, do a search for “oil” on this site and get ready to be overwhelmed. Any good quality straight 50 or 20/50 oil will get you going.

The oil tank has a supply line from the bottom, a return line to the top, and a third, smaller vent line that runs from the top of the oil tank to the rear of the cam timing chest, in behind the timing chest, behind the rear cylinder. Only top it up after running the engine to clear any drained down oil from the sump first, or you will end up with an overfull oil tank and oil will puke out the engine breather, onto the floor on pre-79 models, into the air filter 79 and onwards. There is so little oil in the sump it is not worth the risk of messing with. If you have an aftermarket inline oil filter, screw the old one off, and screw on a new one. The filter should be in the return line, so no need to prime it. Fill the oil tank up to the low mark on the dipstick, or about full by sight. XLH side mounted oil tank, pre-1979 has a filter that drops in the oil filler neck and filters the returning oil.As you explore our various features, you will see how awesome Sexchatster is.Our great atmosphere and safe environment make it super easy for you to fall in love with our free adult chat rooms.TRANSMISSION OIL CHOICE Pre-1977 models with the oil transfer valve between the primary and crankcase take the same oil as you are using in the engine, because the two will mix to some extent.1977 and later models without the transfer valve can use either good quality motorcycle engine oil, or one of various purpose-made transmission oils such as Harley's Transmission Formula Plus. It works good for me and it does not let the clutch slip.

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One thing not to use in your transmission is modern car engine oil. Due to the roller bearing bottom end, they have a high-volume, low-pressure lubrication system. There is just no pressure there once the engine is warm.