Divorce lawyers dating clients

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We offer proven representation in employment law, immigration, personal injury, and family law, guiding you through each step.Whether we need to defend your rights in the courtroom or keep you out of there altogether, our attorneys will take a client-focused, proactive approach to your case.We cover both a standard divorce as well as the challenges in a high conflict scenario.

() • Can your ex-spouse still make the medical decisions for you after divorce?In this episode, Alison and Stacy highlight the first and most important steps that you should take to help you take the least financially-draining path during this time.Alison reveals the shocking consequences of lacking an estate plan, and how that can impact the most important people in your life.After explaining why it makes sense, he offers specific strategies for curbing destructive conversations with your kids. Banschick provides us with a Child’s Bill of Rights to guide us.Tune in and you will also receive his free e Book which includes the bill of rights and other tips and strategies.

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The holidays can be a challenging time for families going through divorce.