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There are things that I’ve learned about myself that would have taken 20 years that he taught me in five.”Although Russell is famously intense, Lawrence has not only handled the pressure and chaos but thrived. But he really respects and understands women, and by that I mean he doesn’t treat a woman any differently than he’ll treat a man.

“But none of that comes from David wanting a young girl in his movies.

Her bedroom is the only room that feels lived in because it’s where she spends much of her time—and where the two of us sit and talk for nearly five hours. “I always forget you’re supposed to chill rosé—I’m new money.” We step through the French doors onto the balcony that overlooks the backyard.

“I go outside in the morning and drink my coffee and try to be proud of myself and be like, ‘’ It feels good not to worry about money, although I never did.

Money never really affected my consciousness, if that makes any sense.”But some old habits die hard. I always want to—it’s cheaper, it’s easier—but there can be 300 perfectly lovely people at the gate and one crazy person who ruins it for everyone, so flying private is great because I don’t have to worry.” A big fake smile spreads across her face: “Is that Suddenly, her phone chimes with the gentle sound of a reminder. “Oh, thank , I can take off my bra,” which she does right in front of me and then tosses it onto her bed. I’ve got a bunch of friends who live really close, thank God. They’re probably getting pretty sick of me.”We head back down to the kitchen.

“I’m not cheap, but I don’t want to waste even .” Is there anything she indulges in? Lawrence stares at the screen for a split second and then looks at me. She texts Talley, trying to find the number of the pizza joint she loves. And I’ve made friends with Mila and Ashton, two doors down. Michael Fassbender recently taught her how to make a dirty martini, which she is eager to try out.

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Here I stumble into a subject that I wouldn’t have dreamed of bringing up so soon: the nude-photo leak.

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