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These principles remain at the core of our political system; Cartier was one of the first politicians to defend them and put them into practice.Cartier belonged to a group of politicians who were dubbed “Reformers.” Their leader was Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine, from whom Cartier drew much inspiration—for example, in engaging in patronage.His parents, of course, could never have known that, decades later, his political adversaries would see that missing as proof of his “betrayal” of French Canadians.Cartier left the family home when he was just ten to attend the Collège de Montréal boarding school, known for its rigorous curriculum.

His clothing, hair, and manners projected the air of a gentleman, which is perhaps explained by the fact that he was unapologetically anglophile.

They were inextricably linked to the context of the time in which he lived, that of a French-Canadian society in the midst of significant economic and industrial change, and of an emerging country, Canada.

This context, naturally, must be borne in mind in any analysis of Cartier’s political career.

His convictions included adherence to the principles of responsible government and the parliamentary system.

In Cartier’s view, the premier or prime minister and his cabinet had to bear collective responsibility to the legislative assembly for decisions made by the executive.

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Few can take pride in having helped build a nation. Cartier was born in 1814 into a family of shopkeepers, in the village of Saint-Antoine, on the shore of the Richelieu River, northeast of Montreal.