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During testing, I consistently coaxed roughly 15 hours out of it through heavy usage of social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter,email, some music playback, and SMS and BBM messaging, all of which can take a toll on any battery.Even with the seven-hour difference in real world usage versus Black Berry’s claim, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the Classic’s battery will get most users through a typical work day and an early business dinner.(As opposed to the other one.) As I entered my credentials during the initial device setup, the four rows of evenly spaced keys immediately induced muscle memory.

(Let me be clear: I still think the forgiving nature a digital keyboard affords us by allowing for errant typing is preferable, but the emotional bond between a user and his or her physical keyboard, even after years of separation, is a hard one to break.) Black Berry promises the 2515 milliamp-hour battery in the Classic holds enough juice to power you through 22 hours of use.Over time, I grew to appreciate the ability to leave my thumbs on or near the keyboard, navigating solely by physical keys and the trackpad.The Classic’s screen is larger than both the Bold 9900 and the Q10, the first Black Berry 10 device with a physical keyboard.A swipe-up from the bottom of the screen to close an app.A swipe from the left-side of the screen reveals the Hub, where all of your messages are kept.

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If you’re an executive who had one, the Classic evokes a nostalgia akin to watching your first car drive by on the highway.

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